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Why use Cobnut Web Services?

Chances are that if you're reading this, you've already done some research on Google Ads and PPC advertising and have probably visited other consultancy and management sites, so why should you choose to work with Cobnut?

I'd rather do it myself

Google have always portrayed Ads as being easy to use and simple to set up and, in some respects that's true. But much like driving a car, while it is very easy to get the thing moving, it's also very easy to run straight into a brick wall and end up paying a lot of money with no rewards.

Even if you can keep it on the straight and narrow, it's a long road between that first lesson and becoming a competent and professional driver. There are lots of pitfalls associated with AdWords and it really is very easy to get off to a poor start (and to carry on for a long time).

If you're running a business, you've probably got enough on your plate already without having to learn something else and try and stay on top of it. Proper management and monitoring of AdWords takes time, every day, and you have better things to do. AdWords professionals are also exactly that, professionals. You would hire a professional to lay your carpets or re-wire your network, so why not hire one to manage one of the most important parts of your business?

When we manage your advertising, we'll do all the work and you can be assured we're working to your best interests and applying all the knowledge and experience we have.

Other companies sound better (and have funkier websites)

Never judge a book by its cover. We like to keep things simple here and our website reflects that (in fact, that's free Ads advice, right there). Bear in mind it's actually quite easy to build an impressive website with no substance behind it and make all sorts of claims - all you have to do is write it. What matters is the ability to deliver.

We don't try to tell you how good we are, we let others do that and there's none better than Google themselves. Not only is Cobnut a Google Partner (see below), but cobnut has been chosen by Google as a Gold Product Expert, one of only a handful on the entire planet. If we're good enough for Google, we hope that says a lot.

If you do decide to use a management or consultancy agency other than Cobnut, please at least do the following before signing on any dotted lines:

Finally, and most importantly be very wary of scams. There are a very large number of unscrupulous individuals out there who pepper web sites (and your inbox) with promises of vast riches through AdWords.


Read Google's guide to avoiding scams