Cobnut Web Services

Online Marketing Management and Consultancy

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Cobnut Web Services can offer you a complete solution to your advertising needs. We're happy to consult or manage with the smallest of companies (or the largest!) and can offer much more than simple management. We can audit your current Ads accounts to give you an idea of how they're working or offer consultancy before or after you've worked with Ads.

Cobnut have been working with Ads since the early days of the system. Whether you're considering online advertising, or are already running your own campaigns, our management and consultancy services can help maximise your return on investment.

How we can help

We're not bragging when we say we're confident we can help you with virutally any aspect of online marketing, and here's just a few examples:

Account Audit - We'll examine your Ads account and website and provide a report and/or plan of action for improvement - just £120!


We're happy to advise on new campaigns, existing projects or simply to discuss whether Ads will even work for you, all without any commitment

Ads Scripts

Scripts are programs written to control, report upon or act upon your Ads Account(s) automatically. Scripts are very powerful tools, especially for larger Accounts where they can dramatically reduce man-hours spent maintaining or updating Ads elements.

Not only can Scripts act directly upon the Account itself, but they can reference external data sources, such as weather reports or other data websites, and export data to spreadsheets or files.

If you think Scripts could help your business, contact us now to chat about your requirements.


For a stress-free option, we'll happily run every aspect of your account on your behalf, giving you the best possible results for your spend.

As a guide we charge just 15% of your monthly spend as commission for our standard fees, that's lower than most other agencies. For more details of fees, see our "Ads Costs" page.