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How much is Ads going to cost?

It's an important question, but it's one that cannot really be answered, apart from with the words "It depends".

When thinking of Ads advertising, especially when considering Direct Sales (selling something) as opposed to Brand Awareness (raising your company profile), it's usually better to think in terms of Return on Investment, rather than costs. As long as you are able to measure that Ads is returning a positive Net profit, the actual spend becomes almost irrelevant.

Having said that, how much you spend to achieve this Net profit and how large it becomes, is a factor of how well your Account is run and managed and that's why it's a good idea to hire a consultant.

OK, How Much Does an Ads Consultant Cost?

Well, this will vary as well. We base our montly fees upon the size and complexity of the Account, the monthly spend and other factors (such as whether the client requires complex Scripting support).

As a general guideline you can expect our fees to approximate to the following:

15% of the typical monthly Ads spend (not the budget) or £350 per month, whichever is the greater, with a 5% commission on net Ads sales (sales value - Ads spend) where applicable.

For very large spends we are happy to negotiate more reasonable fees - we'll only charge what we believe is fair for the amount of time and work required to manage your Account efficiently.

Sound like a lot? It's not, in fact Cobnut charge less than most of our competitors and it's great value for money. Consider this example; if you currently spend £5000 a month on Ads our charges to completely manage your Account to the best of our ability, with all our years of experience would be just £750. If we can't make you that in extra profit and/or save you that much in costs, we don't deserve to be doing the job (and neither does anyone else).

We ask that fees are paid in advance and all our charges are re-negotiable after an initial period of 3 months.

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